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Yoga Instructor - Joe K

I have been developing a greater sense and awareness through the practice of yoga and how it translates and supports a well balanced life on and off my mat for many years. My desire to share the practice through teaching continues to grow through the opportunity to connect with thousands of students across the world as I teach and share the practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness daily in Los Angeles, CA.


From private instruction to group classes, the personal attention offered to my students allows for a truly unique and special experience each time you come to your mat, breath, and body. Throughout the retreat I will support you in exploring yourself and your journey through a twice daily practice along with being available to engage and interact throughout the days and nights. I will be there fully to engage with you so that you can meet your breath and flow to your innner strength of awareness while cultivating a space of trust, peace, and tranquity in your mind. Guided to your breath and body I believe that the practice has the power to heal, grow, and evolve each of us into more whole, fullfilled, and dynamic human beings.


Most recently, I have been discovering the beauty of life all over again through the eyes and presence of our new baby boy Benjamin Rose. 


With love,



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Yoga Instructor: Joe K


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